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sku: IN824
Emerald Green Velvet Nordic Style Footstool

Dropship & Wholesale Emerald Green Velvet Nordic Style Footstool Suppliers Vendors

This beautiful footstool provides the perfect contrast between the beautiful upholstered emerald green cotton velvet and wooden legs constructed from 100% solid mango wood in walnut finish, made to compliment the classic Nordic style. Making a perfect footrest, handbag stand, or accent piece for the corner of the bedroom, hallway, or living space, this little stool will add a pop of colour to any room and serve handy all over the home.

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IN824 Product Boxed
Height 17.72 In 11.81 In
Width 17.72 In 18.90 In
Depth 17.72 In 18.90 In
Volume -- 0.07 Cubic Meters
Weight 6.2 Kg 7.7 Kg

Wholesale Emerald Green Velvet Nordic Style Footstool Suppliers

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