Modern Slavery Policy

Global Vision applauds the passage of the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.
Modern slavery (slavery, forced labour, servitude, and human trafficking) is rising.

Artisan Furniture is a trade-only firm run by Global Vision Direct Limited T/A Artisan Furniture. We’re a British firm with a factory in Jaipur, India, where we make all of our furniture. Our storage facility is located in Ipswich, near Felixstowe, the UK’s largest port, and 48 Station Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512.

We source from India. Independent merchants, huge corporate accounts, large online eCommerce organisations, and wholesalers are among our clientele. The majority of our items are sent from our factory, which is BSCI-certified in terms of social audit, and all of our wood is EUTR-certified in terms of responsible forestry.

Factories and suppliers are discovered during trade shows, and while some will inevitably be unfamiliar to us, the majority have been dealing with us for many years. Our primary suppliers are audited on a regular basis by our team in India, who ensure that our policies are followed. With our suppliers, we operate in an open and honest manner, and we take satisfaction in timely payment and strong working relationships.

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to slavery and human trafficking. To guarantee that our factories and suppliers follow our policies, we require them to read, confirm their comprehension, and sign a document acknowledging that they have done so.

We operate using a linear supply chain: we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and collaborate closely with local authorities to do so.

Global Vision sources items from India, and our suppliers and factory work closely together. We inspect them on a regular basis and demand the finest quality.

Any type of modern slavery will not be tolerated in our supply chain. Our inspectors understand the value we place on honesty and doing the right thing. They are encouraged to report any ethical concerns they come across, such as forced labour, child labour, human trafficking, or other human rights violations.

While no country or industry is immune from the dangers of modern slavery, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves, and we at Global Vision advocate safe and voluntary employment among our suppliers and supply chain. We recognise that purchasing goods from unscrupulous sources can perpetuate modern slavery and terrible labour conditions.

As a result, we encourage our local agents to report any misconduct in this area, and we are implementing broad policies on recruitment, worker integration, and protection. We hope that by doing so, our suppliers will develop a learning culture.

Routine risk assessments of our activities are part of our due diligence.

These risks include those posed by our suppliers, freight forwarding, warehouse operations, and office services.

When we work with our suppliers, we conduct thorough due diligence. An assessment of the risk of modern slavery is also included.

Global Vision anticipates that factories and suppliers will fully cooperate with our Modern Slavery Policy and any future abuse investigations.

All factories and suppliers must follow all forced labour regulations and take steps to prevent human trafficking and slavery, according to Global Vision.

If any poor labour practises are discovered and there is a chance to change them, Global Vision will engage with a supplier to improve them.

Global Vision shall promptly terminate contractual links with that factory/supplier in significant circumstances.

All vendors receive training on modern slavery and human trafficking. This can be done through local factory visits or directly from our office based in New Jersey.