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Origin Where was AliExpress founded? Hangzhou, China
Founder Who founded AliExpress? Jack Ma
Parent Company Who owns AliExpress? Alibaba Group
Launch Date When was AliExpress launched? Apr-10
Business Model How does AliExpress operate? Online Retail, Dropshipping
Primary Audience Who are the main users of AliExpress? International Buyers, especially from Russia, Brazil, and the USA.
Popular Categories What are the top selling categories on AliExpress? Fashion, Electronics, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Accessories, Beauty & Health
Payment Methods Which payment methods are accepted on AliExpress? Credit Card, Alipay, PayPal, Western Union
Shipping How does AliExpress handle shipping? Offers various shipping methods, ePacket, AliExpress Standard Shipping, DHL, EMS
Return Policy What is AliExpress’s return policy? Varies by seller, typically 15-day returns
Customer Protection How does AliExpress protect its customers? Buyer Protection Program
Mobile App Is there a mobile application for AliExpress? Yes, available for iOS and Android
Ratings How can buyers evaluate a seller on AliExpress? Seller ratings, feedback score, detailed seller ratings
Top Brands What are some popular brands on AliExpress? Xiaomi, Anker, Shein, Ugreen
Verification How are sellers verified on AliExpress? AliExpress Verified Sellers, Gold Suppliers
Account Creation How can one create an account on AliExpress? Sign up using email, mobile number
Tracking How can buyers track their orders on AliExpress? Order tracking feature, tracking numbers
Feedback How can buyers leave feedback on AliExpress? Leave feedback on product page, rate sellers
Coupons & Discounts How can buyers avail discounts on AliExpress? Flash deals, promo codes, coins & coupons
Counterfeits What challenges does AliExpress face regarding counterfeits? Addressing fake products, strengthening seller regulations
Shipping Delays What issues arise from shipping on AliExpress? Delays, customs holds, lost parcels
Disputes How does AliExpress handle disputes? Dispute resolution system, mediation between buyer & seller

Aliexpress is a Chinese e-commerce website that allows individuals to sell through the site, similar to eBay. They have over 10 million sellers on their site, and the products sold are typically knockoffs of popular brands.

Anybody can sign up for an account and start selling. There is no vetting process or proof of identity required in order to create an account. The only requirement is that you pay a small fee every month in order to remain active on the site.

The goal of Aliexpress is to provide low-cost goods at a low price point with fast shipping. They do not focus on quality control or customer service, which may leave some customers feeling dissatisfied with the service they receive after purchasing items from Aliexpress sites. is an online shopping platform that is owned by Alibaba Group, which is a Chinese multinational technology company. The site sells products from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to customers around the world. It offers a wide range of products including clothing, shoes and accessories; toys; home appliances; electronics; outdoor equipment and more.

The website allows users to purchase goods using English language search engines or Chinese language search engines such as Baidu. It also provides an English language version of its website for non-Chinese speakers who wish to make purchases through the website’s services.

1. Universal Standards

Elements Description List of Elements
Online Retail Standards Accepted practices for online retail platforms. 1. Customer reviews, 2. Product listing, 3. Order tracking, 4. Buyer protection, 5. Return policy, 6. Payment security, 7. Mobile accessibility, 8. Product description standards, 9. Seller ratings, 10. Customer support

2. Root Attributes

Elements Description List of Elements
Nature The foundational features of the platform. 1. E-commerce platform, 2. B2C model, 3. International market focus, 4. Multi-seller system, 5. Affiliate programs, 6. Flash sales, 7. Wholesale offerings, 8. Direct shipping, 9. Custom duty awareness, 10. Escrow payment system

3. Rare Attributes

Elements Description List of Elements
Unique Features Elements not commonly seen in most e-commerce platforms. 1. Chinese supplier focus, 2. Direct communication with sellers, 3. Multiple small-scale sellers, 4. Wide variety of unbranded goods, 5. Ships to many countries, 6. Coins & Coupons system, 7. Freebie system, 8. Dropshipping-friendly, 9. Store-specific discounts, 10. Mobile-only deals

4. Unique Attributes

Elements Description List of Elements
Platform Distinctiveness Features that distinctly set AliExpress apart. 1. Origin in China, 2. Owned by Alibaba Group, 3. Global reach with localized pricing, 4. Huge variety of product categories, 5. Competitive prices due to direct manufacturer links, 6. Multiple regional warehouses, 7. Special events like 11.11 sale, 8. Flash deals every 6 hours, 9. AliExpress Standard Shipping, 10. AliExpress Direct

5. Gender-related Attributes

Elements Description List of Elements
Targeted Categories Product categories specifically for genders. 1. Men’s clothing, 2. Women’s clothing, 3. Men’s grooming, 4. Women’s beauty products, 5. Women’s accessories, 6. Men’s accessories, 7. Men’s footwear, 8. Women’s footwear, 9. Toys for boys, 10. Toys for girls

6. Measures

Elements Description List of Elements
Evaluation Metrics Ways to measure various facets of the platform. 1. Monthly active users, 2. Number of sellers, 3. Average order value, 4. Number of product listings, 5. Site uptime, 6. Average delivery time, 7. Return rate, 8. Customer satisfaction index, 9. Conversion rate, 10. Average site visit duration

7. Unique Characteristics

Elements Description List of Elements
Platform Specific Features Unique features specific to AliExpress. 1. AliExpress Dropshipper Center, 2. AliExpress Affiliate Program, 3. AliExpress Pocket, 4. Featured Brands, 5. New User Zone, 6. Flash Deals Section, 7. Live streaming for products, 8. Buyer Protection Guarantee, 9. QR Code Scanner, 10. Wish List

8. Numeric Values

Elements Description List of Elements
Numerical Metrics Quantifiable measures relevant to the platform. 1. Number of countries served, 2. Number of product categories, 3. Average number of daily transactions, 4. Number of app downloads, 5. Website monthly traffic, 6. Total number of sellers, 7. Average product review count, 8. Average rating per product, 9. Customer base size, 10. Total annual sales

9. Major Advantages

Elements Description List of Elements
Key Strengths Major benefits of using the platform. 1. Wide product variety, 2. Competitive pricing, 3. Reliable buyer protection, 4. Global shipping options, 5. Frequent sales and discounts, 6. Wholesale pricing available, 7. Multi-language support, 8. User-friendly mobile app, 9. Ability to communicate directly with sellers, 10. Secure payment options

10. Minor Advantages

Elements Description List of Elements
Secondary Strengths Minor benefits or features that may appeal to some users. 1. Daily flash deals, 2. Local return options in certain countries, 3. Special coupons for new users, 4. Watch & Win opportunities, 5. User-generated product reviews and photos, 6. Seller recommendations, 7. Group buy options, 8. Mobile-exclusive deals, 9. Easy reordering feature, 10. Frequent contests and giveaways

11. Facets

Elements Description List of Elements
Platform Aspects Different angles or perspectives to view or experience AliExpress. 1. Buyer perspective, 2. Seller perspective, 3. Mobile user experience, 4. Web user experience, 5. Affiliate perspective, 6. Dropshipper angle, 7. Return and refunds process, 8. Product discovery and search, 9. Product purchase and payment, 10. Post-purchase support

12. Categories

Elements Description List of Elements
Product Groupings Main categories of products available. 1. Electronics, 2. Fashion & Clothing, 3. Home & Garden, 4. Beauty & Health, 5. Toys & Hobbies, 6. Automotive & Motorcycles, 7. Computers & Office, 8. Jewelry & Accessories, 9. Sports & Entertainment, 10. Shoes & Bags

13. Units

Elements Description List of Elements
Measurement Units Units related to product specifications or platform operations. 1. Currency (USD, EUR, etc.), 2. Dimensions (cm, inch), 3. Weight (kg, g, lb), 4. Quantity (pcs, sets), 5. Volume (ml, l), 6. Resolution (pixels), 7. Power (W, mAh), 8. Size (S, M, L, XL, etc.), 9. Time (days for shipping, hours for flash deals), 10. Ratings (out of 5 stars)

This table-based representation is a comprehensive breakdown of AliExpress

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