artisan wholesale furniture USA

Step by step guide to working with us

We are glad you are considering working with Artisan Furniture. We are the UKs leading dropship and wholesale supplier, and we can offer you with 3 service levels namely dropshipping, wholesale, as well as a container load service.

Please carefully read the document in order to start working with Artisan Furniture US

    1. Sign up for a customer account at
    2. Customer would require a separate/new sign in on the US site in order to avail services from our New Jersey based fulfillment center.
    3. For international customers (customers with no legal establishments in the US), will be charged a standard 6.6% usage tax applicable for the state of NJ. This is because NJ is the first point of storage of our goods – considered as a ‘nexus’ between company and products by NJ Sales Tax authorities.
    4. No local taxes will be applicable based on country of the existence of business such as 20% VAT etc.
    5. For customers based in the US and registered as a business in any of the 50 states, they must submit a valid Reseller Certificate. The system will validate the certificate and if the verification is successful, then no local sales taxes will be applied.
    6. If a US-based business is unable to provide a valid Reseller Certificate, we will be charging the sales tax where the product is shipped.
    7. In certain cases, the automated system might approve an order without charging the sales tax for US business if our total taxable sales is below the legal threshold within the given state. This is not valid for businesses not registered in the US.
    8. Delivery is free within US mainland (except the state of Hawaii and Alaska) with a timeline of 3-5 days.
    9. All products available under the ‘Dropship’ tab can be re-sold within US.
    10. All products available under ‘Dropship’ can also be bought over as either ‘Click and Collect’ or ‘Trade’. This means orders of 10 or more units can be collected from our New Jersey unit with discounted pricing, and orders of more than US$3500 will attract an even higher discount upon collection from New Jersey.
    11. All the products available under ‘Wholesale’ tab can be re-sold within US, however these must be imported directly from the India factory with longer lead times.
    12. For products not available at NJ Fulfilment Centre, customers are welcome to continue to use the worldwide delivery option available from our Ipswich, UK-based fulfillment center. However such orders need to be processed on and shipping & pricing cost will be as applicable on the UK site.