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Wholesale Customers

Selling to Wholesale Customers

Wholesale customers are businesses that purchase products in bulk for resale or business use. Developing a base of wholesale clients can help manufacturers and suppliers expand their reach and sales volume. However, attracting and retaining wholesale customers requires understanding their motivations and priorities. This article will explore best practices for selling to the wholesale market.

Key Drivers for Wholesale Purchasing

Wholesale customers are motivated by bottom line factors that enable profitability and operational efficiency. Suppliers should align their offerings with these needs:

Buying for Resale and Profit Margins

Retailers and ecommerce businesses need to purchase inventory at low enough cost to allow for sufficient markup. Discounts, bulk order deals, and favorable payment terms are appealing.

Business and Operational Use

Hospitality, corporate, and other commercial clients buy in bulk to furnish their facilities. Convenience, reliability, and pricing are often more important than branding.

Streamlined Acquisition

Wholesalers want a simplified purchasing process. Everything from catalog access to order fulfillment and customer service should be frictionless.

Key Supplier Selection Criteria

When deciding on wholesale suppliers, buyers evaluate criteria such as:

Product Quality and Brand Perception

Wholesalers need durable, well-made products from reputable brands that will sell. Defective or inferior goods can damage their business.

Inventory Availability and Order Fulfillment

Consistent availability, prompt delivery, and the ability to fulfill large orders are essential. Out of stocks and shipping delays frustrate wholesale clients.

Pricing and Discounts

Favorable pricing is important, especially bulk order discounts. Wholesalers expect better margins from suppliers versus individual retail consumers.

Customer Service Responsiveness

Wholesalers require knowledgeable sales reps, streamlined ordering, and quick issue resolution. Their large order values warrant dedicated support.

Best Practices for Wholesale Suppliers

Companies selling into the wholesale market can better attract and retain business customers by focusing on key areas:

Offer Wholesale-specific Pricing

Published pricing should allow for standard wholesale margins. Tiered discounts for order volume provide incentives to buy more.

Streamline Ordering and Fulfillment

Make the purchasing process easy. Offer electronic catalogs, dedicated sales reps, and tools to track order status.

Provide Marketing Assets and Support

Supply images, logos, videos, and other assets for wholesaler’s marketing. Co-marketing partnerships also add value.

Foster Strong Business Relationships

Dedicated account reps, executive contacts, and VIP programs help build loyalty with wholesale buyers.

Selling to other businesses at wholesale requires adapting your sales process, margins, and services to align with their needs. By understanding what makes wholesalers successful, suppliers can become an integral partner supporting their growth and profitability.