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Customers are the people who buy goods or services from a business. Customers are generally not employees of the business, but they may be associated with it in other ways. Customers may be individuals, organizations, businesses, or governments.

A customer is an individual or organization that buys goods and/or services from a company. A customer can be a person, an organization, or a government agency. Companies sell to customers by using advertising campaigns to inform them about their products and services or by selling directly through salespeople at stores.

Customers are the people who buy the products or services of a company. A customer can be an individual, a business, or an organization.

Customers can be grouped into two categories:

1.External customers: These are customers who purchase goods and services from a company but do not work for that company. For example, if you are buying furniture from a department store, you are an external customer.

2.Internal customers: These are employees who also buy goods and services from their own company, including office supplies, cleaning supplies, and more.

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