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We take immense pride in crafting high-quality Wholesale furniture, ensuring every piece is built to last. But the benefits of buying from us wholesale go beyond just quality assurance.

  • Cost Savings: By cutting out the middleman, we can offer our handcrafted furniture at competitive prices. You get the quality you deserve without breaking the bank.

  • Purchasing in Bulk: Need to furnish a large space? We offer significant discounts for bulk purchases, making it easier to meet your budget requirements.

  • Variety & Customization: We understand that everyone has unique tastes. Because we create each piece ourselves, we can offer a wider range of customization options and a curated selection of wholesale furniture alongside our core collection. This variety allows you to cater to a broader range of customer preferences.

  • Fast Delivery: Since we manufacture directly, we often have more control over lead times, potentially resulting in faster delivery compared to traditional retailers who rely on third-party manufacturers.

  • Compete with Bigger Companies: Our competitive pricing and bulk purchase discounts empower you to compete with larger companies, even with our handcrafted furniture.

Exceptional Customer Service: Because we build each piece, we have unparalleled knowledge of our furniture. This allows us to provide exceptional customer service, educating you about the craftsmanship and value they’re receiving with every purchase.

Qualifying Criteria & Limitations for our Wholesale Program

Wholesale Program

Artisan Furniture is the doing business name (DBA) for Global Vision Direct Limited. The office address is registered to Global Vision Direct Limited DBA Artisan Furniture, 3600 Route 66, Suite 150, Neptune, NJ 07753, the company is registered for the purpose of sales tax in the state of New Jersey, and we have a fulfilment centre based in New Jersey Global Vision Direct Limited, 48 Station Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512. We have our own factory based in Jaipur, India where we manufacture and ship out all of our products.

Qualifying Criteria to be a member of our Dropshipping Program

Limitations to the Dropshipping Program

Artisan Furniture is a company which specializes in unique handcrafted pieces of furniture. We do not offer our furniture at wholesale prices to the public. The Minimum Order Quantity is 10 items and orders over $3,500 avail extra discount. We also offer container load program for 40’HC/40′ and 20′ shipments. Our fulfilment centre is based in New Jersey. We have 2 production warehouses based in Jaipur, India where our artisans manufacture and ship out all of the products. We are a green company that is committed to the environment and use recycled materials in our packaging. Our goal is to provide high quality products at affordable prices with exceptional customer service.

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There is a 10+ piece minimum for truck deliveries.

Special prices apply. All quoted prices will be ex VAT. Please email us your shortlisted products and we can offer you special prices.

If you are interested in this service on a bigger scale such as more volume or a wider selection of products then please read about our wholesale program.

Artisan Furniture

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Ransomes Industrial Estate,
Ipswich IP3 9RR

We do not accept returns due to transit damage, as the collection is managed by the trade customer unless it is a manufacturing defect.

The collection date and time has to be pre agreed so it can be booked with the warehouse anytime between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. All collections must be completed within 3 working days window.

Payment terms – 50% deposit at the time of placing the order and the remaining balance payment a day before the collection. We accept online payments, bank-to-bank payments and telephone payments.

We accept bespoke orders.

The storage unit won’t assist with unloading and loading of the products to the van. This needs to be arranged with your own collection team.