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Introduction to Dropshipping Furniture

The dropshipping business model has been gaining popularity among online retailers and ecommerce store owners. Dropshipping allows retailers to sell products without having to carry inventory or ship orders themselves. When a customer places an order, the retailer simply forwards it to their supplier, who ships the item directly to the customer. This greatly reduces overhead costs associated with warehousing, logistics and inventory management.more

Furniture is one of the product categories well suited for dropshipping. Bulky furniture items can be cumbersome to stock. The advantages of dropshipping furniture include lower startup costs for retailers, flexibility to change product selections rapidly, and the ability to offer a wide selection beyond what could feasibly be stocked locally.

Artisan Furniture USA has emerged as a leading wholesale drop ship supplier in the furniture industry. With decades of experience as a furniture manufacturer and distributor, Artisan Furniture offers retailers an attractive mix of well-crafted, competitively priced collections across various styles. We’ll explore more about their program for retailers below.

How the Dropshipping Process Works

The dropshipping model involves three key players – the retailer, supplier and end consumer. The process typically works as follows:

  • A customer browses the retailer’s online store and places an order for a furniture item.
  • The order information is automatically sent from the retailer to Artisan Furniture.
  • Artisan Furniture picks, packs and ships the furniture item in Artisan’s own packaging directly to the customer.
  • The customer receives the order as if it came from the original retailer’s warehouse.

This allows the retailer to sell a much broader catalog of furniture, without investing in warehousing it themselves. Artisan Furniture handles the inventory, logistics and delivery on behalf of the retailer. The retailer in turn is able to focus on marketing, customer acquisition and order fulfillment.

Dropshipping does come with a few downsides, such as longer delivery times compared to local stocking. Shipping costs and damage risks also need to be accounted for. But overall, it provides an attractive proposition for retailers to scale up their furniture offerings.

Artisan Furniture USA’s Dropshipping Program

Artisan Furniture makes the dropshipping process easy and convenient for participating retailers. Once signed up, retailers get access to Artisan’s wide catalog of furniture with images and product information ready for integration.

New products are continually added, so retailers can keep their offerings fresh without constant cataloging work themselves. Artisan also provides support services like live chat and customization options to enhance the customer experience.

Integrated order management and fulfillment between the retailer and Artisan ensures efficient processing. Artisan also packs furniture in their specialized packaging to minimize transit damage risks. These factors help retailers maximize operational benefits from the dropshipping model.

Pricing and Payment Terms

Artisan Furniture USA publishes set pricing for all their products in US Dollars. Volume discounts are available on large orders above $1000. There are no membership fees or subscriptions to access their dropshipping program.

Payments are made upfront by the retailer for confirmed orders. Artisan also offers convenient payment methods including credit cards, bank transfers etc. Given there is no inventory being held, retailers enjoy favorable cash flow compared to buying stock outright.

The pricing is also maintained at reasonable wholesale rates, allowing good margins for the retailer after applying their markup. Setting competitive end-customer prices is an important advantage of dropshipping.

Delivery and Shipping Process

A key aspect dropship retailers need to evaluate is the shipping and delivery process. Artisan Furniture USA uses top national carriers to ship products anywhere across the continental United States.

Shipments are made from Artisan’s various US warehouses for faster delivery. Most items can reach their destination within 5-7 business days from order confirmation. Larger sets and customized orders can take 2-3 weeks in transit.

Artisan has expertise in furniture packaging using cardboard crates, foam and other robust materials. This protects the items in transit and minimizes damage rates, providing a smoother delivery experience.

Customization and Personalization

An important benefit Artisan Furniture USA provides is the ability to customize orders. Retailers can request modifications like color changes, material upgrades or dimensional adjustments on many products.

This allows providing tailored options to customers, without the retailer having to hold any customized inventory themselves. Artisan will build and deliver the modified furniture to the client.

However, customizations do come with certain constraints like increased costs and delivery timeframes. So retailers need to manage customer expectations accordingly for personalized orders.

Getting Started with Dropshipping Furniture

For retailers interested in getting started, signing up with Artisan Furniture USA is quick and simple. You can create an account online and access their catalog along with product information ready for import.

Key steps for integrating dropshipping include:

  • Importing Artisan’s product catalog into your ecommerce store backend and configuring pricing rules.
  • Setting up order management sync between your store and Artisan for smooth processing.
  • Establishing shipping mapping to generate labels and tracking info for each order.
  • Optionally connecting live chat and customer service channels for order inquiries.
  • Creating marketing content using Artisan’s images and descriptions for your storefront.

With these basics implemented, retailers can start accepting and processing furniture orders seamlessly using the Artisan dropshipping program.

Handling Returns and Exchanges

As the original retailer, the store owner would handle all customer returns and exchanges. Retailers can set their own policies on whether to accept returns, timeframe limits, refund eligibility etc.

If a return is accepted, the retailer needs to issue a return authorization and notify Artisan Furniture. Artisan will then coordinate the return pickup and shipment back to their warehouse. Once received and inspected there, Artisan will process any refund due to the retailer.

The retailer remains responsible for managing the customer experience and service aspects. Artisan provides the operational support on furniture collection and evaluation for accepted returns.


Dropshipping offers furniture retailers an attractive model to expand their product range without major inventory investments. Artisan Furniture USA provides a robust, well-managed program to help retailers capitalize on this opportunity.

With quality products, integrated order systems and strong logistics, Artisan enables retailers to grow their furniture offering and sales. The program is easy to onboard with no upfront fees. Considering the potential benefits, furniture retailers should strongly consider dropshipping as a profitable growth strategy for their business.

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