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Blind shipping is a process where the seller does not know the address of the buyer. This is usually done for large purchases and products that are shipped from a warehouse to a customer’s home. The seller simply sends the item to the warehouse, where it is processed and then shipped to the customer. This process is often used by companies that offer furniture or other large items.

Blind shipping, also called “blind drop shipping”, is a retail sales technique in which the seller does not know the identity of the customer and does not interact with them directly. Instead, the customer orders goods from a wholesaler or manufacturer and receives them through an agreed upon distributor or carrier. The goods are then shipped directly to the customer without any interaction between the two parties.

Blind shipping is used by retailers who sell products that can be shipped via mail order or other means of distribution. The main advantage of blind shipping is that it allows retailers to avoid having to stock inventory themselves, instead relying on third-party distributors to handle all aspects of fulfillment. This allows retailers to focus on marketing their products while maintaining low overheads by outsourcing fulfillment services at a lower cost than if they had to manage it internally.

Blind shipping is a term used in the e-commerce and dropshipping industries.

Blind shipping refers to the process of sending a package to a customer without knowing where it is going.

It can be done in one of two ways: either by sending the package through another company (such as UPS or FedEx) or by using a service that allows you to ship a package without knowing where it is going.

Blind shipping is an important part of the dropshipping business because it allows companies who do not have physical stores but instead sell online to offer free shipping options for their customers.

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