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Artisan Furniture’s Designer Dropshipping, Stocking Dealer, and Container Volume Dealer Programs:

Experience the Freedom of Choice: Adaptable, Scale-Specific Purchasing Programs, Promoting Handcrafted British Designs and Sustainable Practices

Artisan Furniture, celebrated for marrying British aesthetics and Indian craftsmanship, provides a unique purchasing model catering to various needs. With Designer Dropship, Wholesale, and Container Volume, the brand’s versatile tiered pricing strategy adapts to diverse demands, while consistently championing sustainability and community-driven practices.

Designer Dropship Program: Unburdened Procurement

The Designer Price Program, or Dropship, is designed for convenience. Buyers can select from a range of white-labelled, handcrafted furniture items dispatched directly from Artisan Furniture. This program provides free delivery across all 50 states, with no minimum order requirements. Buyers can pick and choose exquisite pieces without the constraints of inventory management.

Stocking Dealer Program: Bulk Purchase Benefits

For businesses seeking cost-effective wholesale purchasing, Artisan Furniture offers the Stocking Dealer Program. With orders over $1000, buyers benefit from a 20% discount on standard prices. Additionally, the program offers free nationwide delivery and a comfortable 90-day payment term, providing financial flexibility while stocking up high-quality inventory.

Container Volume Dealer Program: Maximizing Large-Scale Orders

For large-scale retailers and businesses, the Container Volume Dealer Program offers remarkable value. Buyers can secure up to a 50% discount on container loads directly shipped from Artisan Furniture’s India-based factory. This program caters to substantial orders, which fill either a 20ft or 40ft high cube container, and offer values ranging between $15,000 to $35,000. A 30% deposit is required upfront, with the balance due before delivery.

The Artisan Touch: Handmade Quality and Sustainable Practices

In a market saturated with mass-produced items, Artisan Furniture breathes life into its creations with skilled artisans’ hands. The brand proudly reflects British design sensibilities, revered globally for their elegance and timeless appeal. Each product is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, a distinct narrative woven through the material and design.

Artisan Furniture’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its community-driven production model. The artisans, key stakeholders in the company, contribute to a sustainable network that supports their local communities. It is a brand philosophy that transcends the mere act of furniture production, emphasizing the empowerment and growth of the artisan community.

A Showcase of 10 Popular Products inspired by trending designs from High Point, Las Vegas and Atlanta Markets.

Artisan Furniture offers an extensive range of products including case goods and soft furnishings. Whether it be a solid wood cabinet or a luxuriously upholstered sofa, each piece stands as an embodiment of meticulous care and precision. Let’s take a closer look at some of their popular offerings:

1. Nightstands: Perfectly sized to fit your night-time essentials, these pieces enhance the ambience of your bedroom.

2. Chest of Drawers: Seamlessly blending function and style, these pieces provide an elegant solution for storage.

3. Consoles: Adding a dash of British elegance, these tables offer a stylish platform for decorative items.

4. Writing Desks: Providing a comfortable workspace, these desks exude a timeless charm, perfect for a home office or study.

5. Ottomans: Serving dual purposes, these pieces enhance comfort while offering a stylish storage solution.

6. Shelving units / Bookcases: A testament to the brand’s commitment to form, function, and sustainability, these pieces showcase your literary collection in style.

7. Dining Tables: Robust and stylish, these pieces accommodate gatherings, a testament to skilled craftsmanship.

8. Armchairs: Ideal for unwinding, these plush chairs provide the perfect spot to relax.

9. Coffee Tables: Ranging from classic to contemporary designs, these pieces are crafted to be conversation starters.

10. Beds: The cornerstone of our bedroom collection, these pieces promise restful nights and impeccable quality.

In an era where consumers increasingly value sustainability and the story behind products, Artisan Furniture offers a compelling blend of flexible purchasing programs and a powerful ethos of sustainability and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a small business owner, a large retailer, or an individual customer, there’s a program perfectly suited to your needs. Join us in celebrating art, culture, and sustainability through our wide range of exquisite furniture.


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