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The Artisan Community We Foster: People and Planet

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The Artisan Community We Foster

The community at Artisan Furniture is at the center of everything we do, and it’s what sets us apart from the plethora of furniture makers around the world. The company’s growth over the last half-decade has been driven by the 70 artisans in our main Jaipur factory, as well as the hundreds dispersed around northern India in small, local units. They’ve grown alongside us as we’ve grown.

We take pride in enhancing living circumstances wherever we set up a unit or purchase things. As a result, artisan furniture has played a significant role in restoring the handicraft industry in north India and raising living standards from previously shockingly low levels. It’s something we’re really proud of, and you should be too. After all, it was because to your purchases that it was possible.

Nothing fully captures the spirit of our main Jaipur factory like the word, you guessed it, community. After a long day, employees may rest, unwind, and socialize in the huge green belt and tree cover, and the onsite canteen ensures they don’t have to travel far for a healthy, traditional supper. It’s a workplace tradition to put work aside and converse on the green belt in the dying light, enjoying the peaceful ambiance and spicy Rajasthani foods that are ubiquitous in this region of India.

But our community goes even further; a handful of our artisans are given the opportunity to start their own local businesses in order to provide you with handcrafted goods. Not only does this increase social mobility, but it also encourages the great entrepreneurial spirit that so many of our artisans possess and are just waiting to be reawakened. These craftsmen’ local expertise and contacts are crucial in defining the flavor of the products we sell and forging long-lasting bonds with the wider community.

Our community only grows stronger as Artisan Furniture expands, aided by a sublime work culture and a multitude of local influences that perfectly align with what this company is all about – quality, handcrafted furniture that supports the local community while producing a product that will bring joy wherever it goes, anywhere in the world. It’s a hopeful story, which we desperately need in these troubled times.