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Dropshipping Program Pros and Cons

Artisan Furniture’s US Dropshipping Positives and Constraints

Dropshipping is a modern supply chain approach that allows you to work with dropshipping companies to have things delivered directly to your customers’ doorsteps when you purchase from them. Dropshipping, like any other kind of supply, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll go through here.

Dropshipping Positives

    1. There is no cost to join.
    2. Sign up in 60 seconds
    3. There are no monthly subscription fees.
    4. There is no minimum spend, either in terms of value or volume.
    5. There is no need to keep any stocks.
    6. Ability to concentrate on other parts of the company, such as marketing and promotion
    7. If you have a State Reseller Certificate Tax Exempt Certificate) we can ship goods to that State without any tax being added. If you are unable to present us with a Reseller Certificate for the State the goods are being shipped then we will have to add sales tax at the checkout
    8. Other than fundamental e-commerce skills, no specific experience in the industry you’re dropshipping in is required.
    9. In the United States, delivery is free (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
    10. The dropshipper is in charge of all logistics and distribution.

Dropshipping Constraints

    1. Dropshipping is a competitive industry that demands consistent effort and time in order to promote products and profit.
    2. All returns must be logged in within the timeframes set out (2 working days)
    3. Prices may differ from our wholesale and container load programs.
    4. There is no delivery surcharge for Alaska or Hawaii at this point but this will be constantly reviewed and is subject to change
    5. Our dropship service is exclusively available to traders and businesses; we do not sell directly to the general public.
    6. For UK customers using the US web site, the Consumer Rights Act of 2015, the Sale of Goods Act of 1979 (SOGA) and the Supply of Goods and Services Act of 1982 (SOGASA) do not apply.
    7. International shipping is not possible.