artisan wholesale furniture USA

Dropshipping Wholesalers USA

Artisan Furniture offers dropshipping services, as a wholesaler, manufacturer, and supplier of solid wood handmade furniture, all the products are handcrafted by artisans based in the northwest of India and our business has been recognized by Forbes, as well as Goldman Sachs.

Artisan Furniture offers dropshipping through its distribution facility in the state of New Jersey. We are a pureplay furniture company offering a 3-tier service level.

USA Drop-shipping – This facility is offered to all businesses with no minimum order restrictions with regard to value or volume. If your drop shipping order exceeds $1000 then the system will automatically give you a 10% discount at the checkout.

USA Wholesale (Collection only) – This facility is offered when your order value exceeds $3500, or you order a minimum of 10 pieces as part of 1 order. This facility will give you a discount of up to 20%. All the items must be collected from the distribution center in New Jersey.

  • Minimum order of 10 pieces or more will offer a 20% discount off the standard dropship prices
  • If the order value is the order value also exceeds a value of $3500 then an additional 18% discount will be offered.

Container loads – This facility is offered to large businesses that have the room and resources to store a 20ft or 40ftHC container. A discount of up to 50% is applied to the standard dropship prices. Here it is important to know that a 20ft container can take between 70-100 pieces (CBM is 27-29) with the approximate value being £20K, and a 40ftHC can take 250+ products (CBM 67-70) with the approximate value being £35K

Importance of Reseller CertificateAlso known as the Tax-exempt certificate, is a key document if you intend to work with us irrespective of the service level you aspire to be a part of. You must provide us with a valid resellers certificate in the state in which you operate, or the state you are registered for selling in. The reseller certificate must be a valid document issued by the sales tax authority of the designated state. If you are unable to provide us with a valid reseller certificate then the system will charge you the sales tax as applicable at the time of checkout.

We accept payments online as well as bank-to-bank, if you are taking advantage of the US fulfillment center in New Jersey, then all payments must be made in US dollars.

Delivery is free for the dropshipping program, and we are pleased to inform you that we offer the drop shipping service in all the 50 states

We do not sell directly to the public, meaning we do not offer retail services, and none of our products are sold directly to the consumer. We encourage small and large businesses alike, to buy products as a reseller on their own website or on other multi-channel partners, Shopify and eBay etc. Please note we do not allow customers to sell on Wayfair or Amazon

We do not offer or recommend retail prices, and all of our prices are meant for businesses only. Businesses are free to decide their own selling prices depending on how they wish to position the products on their website.