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Meet The Artisan Team

Dana Jays
Assistant Manager

Dana’s job specifies in looking over the container side of Artisan furniture and making sure everything is moving efficient and smoothly. Staying in communication with our accounts team, methodically organizing all worldwide shipment and keeping all of our product’s information up to date all lay within her responsibilities. Our headquarters office in Westminster, City of London is where Dana carries out her work.

Michael Woodhead
Head of Tech

Michael is in charge of the IT infrastructure, data administration, payment gateway, website integrations, and online marketing for the company. He has a hugely experienced background with over 25 years dealing with data management and security and safety. Mike is responsible for the day-to-day operations off the website and is credited with the successful establishment of Artisan Furniture’s brand.

James Benstead
Head of Buying

James brought over 30 years in stock control, analysis, and purchasing experience to the artisan team. James aims to deliver customer satisfaction across delivery expectations and making sure you get your order in a timely fashion. He is in constant communication with our hardworking factories located in India, China and Vietnam to ensure our stock is arranged to a high standard.

Phorell Brooke
Customer Support Executive

Day to day admin, staying in communication with our factory and tracking orders from India to your doorstep are the main responsibilities subjected under the dropship side of Artisan Furniture. Our headquarters office in Westminster, City of London is where Phorell carries out his work.

Owen Stephens
Customer Support Executive

Owen is responsible for the drop-ship side of the business and his main focused daily tasks includes; allocating orders, tracking deliveries, and coordinating with the factory as well as day-to-day admin. Owen operates from our office based in Westminster, City of London.

Vincent Corpuz
Team Leader

As team leader, Vincent overlooks all aspects and responsibilities of the drop shipping side of Artisan Furniture. Staying in communication with the factory, the trade customer management and allocation of orders are all elements of Vincent’s role. Our headquarters office in Westminster, City of London is where Vincent carries out his work.

Joy Dutt
Head of Factory Ops & QC

Joy is in charge of the factory’s general operations, which includes overseeing all departments as well as any product-related escalations. Joy’s primary responsibilities are quality control, packaging oversight, and the color process in general. Joy has been with the company for ten years and works out of our Jaipur, India-based factory.

Devraj Chowdhary
Head of Research

Devraj is in charge of all new product development, including design decisions. His key responsibilities include figuring out new building processes, professional photography, and developing new products, including sample prototypes. Devraj has been with the company since its beginning, and he works out of our Jaipur, India, factory.

Anu Jain
Head of Pricing, Exports & Backend

Anu is in control of the overall management price of all of our products and services. Her primary responsibilities include obtaining data from various departments and converting it into documents such as CSV files, as well as ensuring that the administrative side of things runs well. Anu has been with the business for the past 11 years and works out of our office in Jaipur, India.

Chitra Pancholi
Head of Purchase

Chitra is in charge of procurements and all of our product acquisitions. Her primary responsibilities include ensuring that inventory levels are sustained at a comfortable level in relation to sales, purchasing, and ensuring that the backend flows efficiently. Chitra is a recent addition to our team, and she works out of our Jaipur, India office.

Jack D
Content Writer (Intern)

On the Artisan Furniture website, the 19-year-old is our chief content writer, and he’s in handle of all of your newsletters and updates, as well as aspects of our content marketing. Jack has worked with Artisan for nearly four years, managing his profession with his full-time International Relations degree and a wide range of interests that include writing novels, playing the violin, and whipping up a delicious French meal.

Jack was born in India and educated in the United Kingdom, providing our staff with a modern, global perspective. We take ourselves in being a community-based, artisan-friendly institution, and Jack’s experiences working, volunteering, and studying in two nations have contributed significantly to that goal.

Meet The Founder

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