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The Protection of Employees against physical or verbal abuse

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Behavior towards our employees

We think that every one of our employees, whether in India, US, or the UK, has the right to a safe and healthy working environment. For our customer-facing roles, this includes interactions with customers.

No one in our company is obligated to service customers who are threatening, abusive, aggressive, or violent in any way, whether by correspondence, the phone, or in person. They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they judge to be acting inappropriately. Unless the employee directly requests it, the customer will not be served by anybody else in the organization.

Threatening behavior includes, but is not limited to, threats of violence against co-workers or anybody else who is sexist, racist, or homophobic, as well as threatening language, swearing, and/or violent body language.

In our organization, intimidation, contempt, abuse, hostility, and violence against Artisan Furniture employees are not tolerated. Staff complaints are taken extremely seriously, and we reserve the unqualified right to suspend accounts without notice, as well as pursue legal and police remedies.