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Resale Certificate Washington, D.C.

If you’re a business owner in Washington, D.C., and you make sales that are subject to the district’s 6.500% sales tax, you’ll need to get a resale certificate before you can start selling. The good news is that the process for getting one is relatively straightforward, and the cost of purchasing a certificate typically ranges from $4,000-$5,000 USD.

Washington –

Sales tax rate – 6.500%

      Information required to register for a sales tax permit in the state of Washington

1)     Your Federal Employer Identification Number and/or Social Security Number and the info for anyone authorized on your account

2)     Your legal form of business (e.g. partnership, corporation, sole proprietor)

3)     Your business addresses

4)     The names, titles, home address, and Social Security number of the proprietor, partners, or principal officers (mandatory)

5)     The former Entity Information if previously registered with the District

What is a Washington, D.C. resale sales tax exemption certificate?

A Washington, D.C. resale sales tax exemption certificate is a document that allows businesses to purchase or rent property or products tax-free. It is good for one year, and businesses must renew it annually in order to continue enjoying the benefits of the exemption.

There are certain purchases or rentals that can be made without paying sales tax. You can use nails, fabric and wood to make a chair, or items that you will rent out as tangible personal property, real property, or services.

In order to make a purchase or rental that falls under this category, you must have a resale sales tax exemption certificate. It is necessary to have this document in order to rent or purchase such a property.

How to get a Washington, D.C. resale sales tax exemption certificate??

When it comes to getting a Washington, D.C. resale sales tax exemption certificate, there are a few things that vendors need to know. For starters, the vendor does not need to get one from their purchasers- the invoice should already identify the exempt items. The annual resale certification is only valid for items that are exempt from tax based on their use. This means that you can use the certificate to purchase items for personal use and later sell them as part of your business.

To make the form valid, the purchaser doesn’t need to highlight any of the bullet points. All that is required is to fill out the form and sign it. Keep in mind though that the address on the certificate does not need to match up with your company’s location address; it just needs to have your proper business name listed and be current.

A selling dealer can accept an Annual Resale Certificate that has only a single owner’s name on it and not a d/b/a; this type of certificate would be considered valid for resales in any type of transaction (i.e., store, e-commerce). The selling dealer can also continue to sell tax exempt products to this customer (for example, on charge account or cash-on delivery basis).

As long as you have all the proper information filled out, the initial copy of the certificate is sufficient- there’s no need to send in multiple copies. So if you’re looking to get a resale sales tax exemption certificate, make sure to keep these things in mind!

A reseller certificate can be submitted by a business. The supplier or provider of the service/goods is not authorized to charge sales tax. If the final sales exceed $100, the responsibility for sales tax falls on the re-seller. Example – $100 worth of items are sold by business A to business B, and because a reseller certificate was provided by reseller b (2A) no sales tax is charged in this transaction., however, when the reseller will sell the product for say $200 sales tax must be taxed on $200

There are 2 ways of sharing a reseller’s certificate by the reseller, this can be achieved, either through submitting an existing reseller certificate to the business or, by creating a reseller certificate on third-party platforms such as Avalara, Tax-exempt, etc.

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